Rafael Rodrigues

Rafael is currently a product designer at GrabCAD, where he designs intuitive easy to use print preparation software for Stratasys printers. Rafael assists corporations by designing desktop, browser, and mobile applications. Contact Rafael if you need some assistance on a project, as he is available for freelance contract work.

1. Identify the problem

What is the current issue with your product?

2. Research

What solutions have other people used in the past that relate to this problem?

3. Low fidelity sketches

Lets create some low fidelity sketches on a whiteboard to come up with some possible solutions.

4. High fidelity designs

Rafael will create higher fidelity designs based off of our initial sketches. He will share these designs with stakeholders.

5. Interactions

Once Rafael and various stakeholders review the higher fidelity designs. Rafael will build an interactive prototype for clients to review.

6. Hand off design assets to engineers

When internal and external stakeholders are satisfied with the solution, we will hand off the design assets to software engineers so they can build it into the product.


Rafael loves to travel to new cities around the world, to experience new cultures, to eat and to exchange conversations with locals. Rafael has visited Hong Kong, Shanghai, Stockholm, Dublin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Miami, New York City, and others.


In Rafael's spare time he will photograph beautiful skylines, dining experiences, friends, and landscapes.

Rock climbing

Over the last seven years Rafael has been rock climbing in his spare time. He has visited Colorado, Nevada, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts to climb outdoors at cliffs.

GrabCAD Print
Desktop Application

GrabCAD Print allows mechanical engineers and printer operators to easily print out their assemblies on three dimensional printers manufactured by Stratasys.

September 2015 – Present

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GrabCAD Print
Mobile Application

The GrabCAD Print mobile application allows users to remotely monitor their jobs and materials on Stratasys printers.

April 2016

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State of the Birds Posters

The 2014 State of the Birds assesses the health of our nation's bird populations through a set of habitat indicators, a watch list of species most vulnerable to extinction, and a list of the common birds in steep decline across the United States.

October 2014

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Side Projects

Here are some simple graphic design and coding projects that I've worked on over the last couple of years.

2015 – Present

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