GrabCAD Print

Print preparation software for 3D printers

GrabCAD / Stratasys

September 2015 – Present

GrabCAD Print allows mechanical engineers and printer operators to print out CAD models on Stratasys printers. Customers can print out models quickly to validate ideas during the prototyping phase before they manufacture their parts.

Customers wanted to scale models with percentages and units.

People can scale models using percantages and units(MM, inches, feet, & CM) on the X, Y, and Z axis.

Customers needed a way to orient a part to region on the tray.

People can reorient a model the top, bottom, left, right, front, or back of a tray.

Customers wanted to reorient the tray from the user interface of GrabCAD Print.

People can change the tray orientation to the top, bottom, left, right, front, back, and to isometric view from the top of the interface by clicking an icon. People can zoom into the tray, and turn perspective on / off.

Manage a queue of jobs from the schedule within GrabCAD Print. People can check out the status of a printer and a job from the schedule.

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