GrabCAD Print Mobile Application

Remotely monitor Stratasys printers

April 2016

Remotely monitor Stratasys FDM and PolyJet printers on iOS and Android devices.

Mechanical engineers and printer operators want to be notified when their jobs are not printing.

The iOS / Android application sends users push notifications when a printer will run out of material, has run out of material, when a tray needs to be cleared, when their job is next in the queue, or an error has occurred on a printer.

Kickoff phase

Rafael met with a product manager at GrabCAD. They discussed the requirements and then they started sketching out some low fidelity concepts.

Early Prototype

Here was an early prototype that Rafael built, after the initial white boarding session.

Final Designs

Here are the final designs for the application. Rafael designed the entire application with the layouts, interactions, an iconography.